UBUNTU is a movement of higher consciousness with a message of unity, abundance and prosperity for all. We have a simple plan to create a new social structure on our planet that will release us all from the socio-economic slavery that we are trapped in. A system in which everyone can contribute their skills and talents for the benefit of everyone in their community – in the true UBUNTU fashion. UNITY within Community is our motto.

The  movement has grown to members and supporters in over 200 countries with the strongest in South Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Austria, and many more. We share critical information about the origins of money, how it is created and controlled by the global banking elite and how our central banking system has created a slavery system in which we are all equally enslaved without realising it.

UBUNTU believes that the solutions to our problems are really simple – but they have to come from the people and not from corporations or bureaucratic government departments who hold the rights of corporations above those of living breathing human beings. The system we live in is BROKEN – it cannot be fixed by using the same tools that created it. We need to find a NEW SYSTEM.

Over a period of 12 years of learning from many experiences in over 30 countries, the UBUNTU Movement has developed a simple plan of action to create a new alternative, for every living breathing human being – without any violence, opposition or conflict. We call it the ONE SMALL TOWN – Can Change The World strategy. We are not only talking about it – we are doing it. Since our launch in Jan 2017, it has already attracted the attention of several Mayors in the USA, Canada and South Africa and we are truly on a rapid path to creating this new reality for us – abundance and prosperity for all.


Manifesting a new world of prosperity & abundance for all – with our instruments and our voices

Let every song, every word, and every note, liberate humanity everywhere from financial and economic slavery

We are dissolving the walls of division – inspiring people everywhere to unite – to co-create a new world of abundance and prosperity for all

Igniting a new kind of thinking – birthing new solutions for a world in desperate need of healing

Embracing our individual sovereignty – honouring the native and indigenous people everywhere – restoring balance and harmony

Replacing the old system of competition – with cooperation and collaboration

We are the creators of our own reality – what we do, what we think, what we say, every minute of every day manifests the reality around us

So – let us say beautiful words and sing beautiful songs, to manifest the beautiful world we all want to live in

Unity and higher consciousness – for a new world

In the true spirit of UBUNTU


I resonate with the spirit of UBUNTU – I am who I am, because of who we all are – and I recognise and acknowledge that…

  • Everything in creation is connected
  • We live on a planet of abundance, not a planet of scarcity
  • We are the creators of our own reality
  • My words, my thoughts and my actions affect others and everything around me
  • We need to raise the collective consciousness of the people to create a better world for all of us
  • The world we live in is not the world that I imagined for myself and my family
  • The socio-political system has failed us on all levels
  • Our lives and our world is controlled by a small group of royal political elites with their own agenda and no respect for humanity
  • This elite group controls the creation and supply of money, our governments, our education system, the mainstream media, and all the largest corporations in the world
  • Our socio-economic situation has spiralled out of control
  • Our system is broken and it cannot be fixed by using the same kind of thinking we used to create the mess
  • We have to find a new way of thinking for a new world of abundance and prosperity
  • We are creating a new system that is of the people, by the people – not by opposing the old system, but by making the old system obsolete
  • We are using the tools of enslavement as the tools of liberation – without any violence, opposition or conflict
  • I will share the UBUNTU philosophy with everyone, for the benefit of humanity everywhere

Help spread the word – Place our flyer in your community

If you resonate with the spirit of UBUNTU and our message for the world – please print out this flyer and put it up around your neighbourhood. On the notice boards at the coffee shops and library and everywhere you can. Connect with your UBUNTU national coordinator to get into the group or organised activities around the World. Start a facebook page, a start local meet-ups and become a seed of consciousness in your area.

In unity & resonance – Michael Tellinger

UBUNTU USA National Coordinator: Rebecca Gretz – Email: r.gretz@ubuntuplanetusa.com

Download the PDF here